Amphibious Duck Boat For Sale

In about 70 islands in the waters of this island to 12 birds nest swift. But Noi and Ko Ko Foreign where ships carrying tourists to visit to discover. Stone Bridge from the port, high speed boat bottom glass (to see fish and coral) torn country, hech nose ships turn back waves 1 hour 15 minutes through 13 customs l (approximately 24km) is to the east. Hon Foreign further, where tourists are not on the island, but just look at the submarine, taking photos. Hon Noi on the inside, visitors were climbing up, happy curiosity, washed discovery, photographer. "Residents" is currently in the island's bird is swift European customs. European customs bay sun blisters, pass sealed the cliffs, visitors spoiled for photography and filming. Scattered on the cliff cliff, in the slot, the White Tree of the title a lovely small spoon attached to the cliff. Swift bird virus release translated into soft fibers of gradually building mandarin hard. Khanh Hoa was named the Forest Shen, Sea Yen. Tree Island as "white gold inventory" of Khanh Hoa. Each year two times in laying birds Banquet in March and August. To make child prey, swift birds were flying up the extraordinary record. 5, 6 am, birds fly away with swift stroke velocity 40km/gio to the west away hundreds of kilograms-meters. Nest of birds seem to fly did not know each wing. Only on-air flight never pass down a tree branch does. Stops last set foot on the wings of birds as "the warm" on the cliff cliff far off. Any bird cliffs, the swift construction of the hut where there are small difference venh-house workers' protection, confidentiality Banquet keepers.

Harvesting of oats as a profession rather arduous, dangerous. Each worker is an actor and circus clinker, adventure, brave to hang themselves on the exploitation of high prices. Fishing swift nests had 700 years ago. On the island between the sea, the sea remains of the temple construction was presented solemn tribute ancestors had the resources to exploit today the grandchildren inherited class. Since ancient times, swift nests were classified as food, herbs for nourishing noble lord king. Yen has many types, white oats, oat blood that is outstanding oat Hon Noi. So was fishing about four items of Khanh Hoa and famous "Bird's nest soup Hon Noi / Hoa Ninh amphibious Duck / lobster Binh Ba / Nai Dien Khanh dry. Bird's nest soup is very high. Currently, depending on type, a batch-gam ki-oat is priced from 500 to 700 million.

Nha Trang-one of 29 bays natural world is granted in favor of beauty and rich with potential wisdom. Beautiful Nha Trang Bay with Hon Tam, Hon Tre Island, Yen has left deep impression difficult to fade in the four visitors.

Harbor Bridge four seasons busy arrivals. Train travel long queue still warm solicitation. Far off, daily Dao Yen still beckons!

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